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X3 Wolverine wallpapers 
March 18th, 2006,
mood: moody
I've done some X3 Wolverine wallpapers... Enjoy!

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February 9th, 2006,
mood: horny

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Hugh Jackman 
January 22nd, 2006,
mood: creative

I've made a batch of Hugh Jackman icons.


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Comment, credit, enjoy.



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October 26th, 2005,
mood: accomplished
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August 31st, 2005,
mood: jubilant
~You Laugh Because I'm Different-
I Laugh Because You're All The Same~

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New fanlistings 
March 22nd, 2005,
mood: pleased
Just a quick plug, if Winnie doesn't mind. :)

I've just opened two new fanlistings, for X-Men Gen Fan Fiction and Wolverine Gen Fan Fiction. If you're into fanlistings, feel free to browse over and join!

(For those not familiar with the term, "gen" means general stories, i.e. not focused on any romantic pairings.)


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Another Wolverine wallpaper 
March 22nd, 2005,
mood: disappointed
Hi everybody. I just made another Wolverine wallpaper. Hope you like it!

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March 19th, 2005,
  Angel Gender-Bender?
X3 rumor control.

March 17, 2005 - Ain't It Cool News has broken the news about which new mutants will appear in X-Men 3. According to the site, Hank McCoy, a.k.a. Beast, will finally make it into the cast after being cut from X-Men and only having a cameo in X2: X-Men United.

Gambit, that ragin' Cajun in a trenchcoat, is another fan fave that will be in the mix. The third and most shocking revelation was that the winged Angel "will be in the movie. But Angel ... will be a girl," claimed AICN.

IGN FilmForce checked with its super-secret X3 insider who declared that "Angel is male!" We were advised that Angel (a.k.a. Warren Worthington III) will be a "major character" as will Beast.

Beast will be seen in his transformed state and will be played by a different actor than Steve Bacic, who appeared as Hank McCoy in X2.

Overall, our source confirmed the rest of the AICN report as accurate but emphasized that "Gambit is not a major character." While the ragin' Cajun enjoyed a relationship with Rogue in the comics, it's uncertain whether that will be a part of X3 in any way (or how any potential affair will sit with Rogue's current beau, Bobby "Iceman" Drake).

IGN's source also revealed that Cyclops is still in the movie but not as a major character. They would not reveal anything more about his part but did confirm that Matthew Vaughn is indeed on-board to direct.
-- Stax

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March 15th, 2005,
  Ain't It Cool News is reporting that "Layer Cake" director Matthew
Vaughn will direct the third installment of Marvel's mutant
movies. Despite the fact that both Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn
wrote drafts of the script, rumored to be focused on Dark
Phoenix, the studio plans to use Penn's draft.

In related news, Halle Berry is quoted at XMenFilms.net as being
less rigid about her opposition to returning as Storm. "I have not
read the script. All I have asked, is that if I come back as Storm,
she need to be closer to the comic book. So, if they have in fact
written her closer to the comic book character, then I'm in. If not,
I'm out. I hope I'm in though. I love Storm, and really want to be
part of the last film."

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March 14th, 2005,

Join it.... since we must pimp our game

- We will be accepting Original characters once the ones above are chosen. More or less a soap RP but still we want to stay true to the characters.

- We allow Het and Slash here

-We will have battles

-We will have sex

-We will have parties

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Happy new year 
January 3rd, 2005,
mood: tired
Hi! Wishing everybody a happy new year. I've made some Wolverine wallpapers lately. Hope you like them.

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December 13th, 2004,
  A new affiliate on live Journal.... Go join ani_mag because they rock and have a good mod...

While you're at it make sure to join the yahoo group.... yup it's still there..... why haven't you joined these groups yet?

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Asorted icons, well most of them are about Wolverine 
December 6th, 2004,
mood: calm
I made more icons recently. Just let me know if you take one...

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December 5th, 2004,
  Updated the navigation to the Femmes... www.wolviefemmes.com

Included are.... Adopt an X-man, wallpapers, icons, sound bytes and much more

Feel free to look around or join us at wolviefemme

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Wolvie avatars 
November 24th, 2004,
mood: lethargic
Some Wolvie avatars I did recently, featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine with comics versions...
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chibi wolvie 
November 14th, 2004,
mood: creative
I thought of various text to put on the bottom, but I'll leave that to you. I'll probably end up using this icon as well, but it's up for grabs. Enjoy:)


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November 9th, 2004,


From Wolvie Femmes

where to begin...

keeping up with a young mutant is insane excitement ... and that's putting it mildly!

y'know, unlike cats, you can't make baby wolvie stop clawing the furniture by squirting him with a squirt gun.
he just growls then starts snickering and there's simply no telling what he'll get up to next!
for a little guy, he's already racked up time out until he turns 40, but who knows when that is? i don't even know how old he is now!

mind you, he is soft and furry, and he's utterly loyal... he just doesn't mind very well.
if i could just get him to quit doing that middle-claw thing in public... :: sigh ::

the best part was halloween. i don't even wanna know how he got all that candy... ;-)

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November 7th, 2004,
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October 29th, 2004,

More Emma Frost manips!... sortaCollapse )

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Some Wolvie walls 
October 21st, 2004,
mood: calm
Here are some wallpapers I did recently, featuring our beloved Wolvie!

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More to come soon!!

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