catwalk (catwalk) wrote in wolviefemme,


From Wolvie Femmes

where to begin...

keeping up with a young mutant is insane excitement ... and that's putting it mildly!

y'know, unlike cats, you can't make baby wolvie stop clawing the furniture by squirting him with a squirt gun.
he just growls then starts snickering and there's simply no telling what he'll get up to next!
for a little guy, he's already racked up time out until he turns 40, but who knows when that is? i don't even know how old he is now!

mind you, he is soft and furry, and he's utterly loyal... he just doesn't mind very well.
if i could just get him to quit doing that middle-claw thing in public... :: sigh ::

the best part was halloween. i don't even wanna know how he got all that candy... ;-)
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